TP-LINK WR841 v13 Setup and screenshot

TP-Link Wireless N Router WR841N v13

Firmware Version:0.9.1 3.16 v0348.0 Build 161027 Rel.67375n

Hardware Version:TL-WR841N v13 00000013

TL-WR841N v13 BOX

TL-WR841N v13 Back View

TL-WR841N v13 Front View

TL-WR841N v13 Status

BayanTel AZTECH DSL5028EN (1T1R) Setup with Screenshots

AZTECH DSL5028EN (1T1R) ADSL2+ 150MBPS Wireless-N with 4-port Modem Router.

AZTECH DSL5028EN Internet Setup screenshot

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Network D-Link Switch 16 port DES-1016D 10/100mbps Fast Ethernet

Network D-Link Switch 16 port DES-1016D with metal casing.
Hardware Version : D4

Picture Gallery of Network D-Link Switch 16 port DES-1016D with metal casing.